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    Sinking Noah’s Arc

    “I think that would be a great idea.”  Alex said.


    “I’m getting hot thinking about it.’  Ricky replied.


    Noah, Alex, Ricky, and Chance were sitting in a round table gagging along like those old heffas on the show Golden Girls.  Usually they talk about stupid bullshit like fags do all the time, however in that time they were talking about a ‘party’, so to speak.


    “We need to get as many brothas as we can to make it enjoyable.”


    “But what about my partner Eddie?”  Chance said timidly.


    “Bring him along, he’ll enjoy it.”  Ricky responded.


    “No doubt.”


    “Okay.”  Chance responded.


    “Is Wade going to be there?”  Ricky said to Noah with some tense in his voice.


    “Of course he will, but that don’t mean you’ll be left out.”  Noah said.


    “Good, that’s what I want to hear.”  Ricky said while rubbing Noah’s shoulders.


    “When will it be Noah?”  Alex said.


    “This Saturday at midnight” he responded.


    “Great, it’s going to be fun.” Alex said.


    “No doubt, this will be the best orgy ever!”  Ricky said.



    Little did they know that Noah’s place was tapped.  After Noah started a campaign to have me capture I decided to have his house tapped.

    On of my crew members was listening and recording the conversation.  There was a disgust look on his face after the conversation was over.  He came up to me and told me what he heard.


    “Hey boss, you know those butt-fuckin’ brothas in LA that started a campaign against you?”


    “Yea, what about those faggots?”


    “Well they’re about to have an orgy with their friends this Saturday.”


    “Really?  It doesn’t surprise me one bit, after all they’re faggots.”


    “Yeah boss, they sure are.  I’m assuming that we will let those homos fuck each other’s nasty assholes till they’re sore and then we attack them.”


    “Good thinking, that’s exactly the plan Shawn.  I’m going to play it by ear and see how many we need to do the raid.  Good job Shawn.”


    “Thanks boss.”  He said with a smile.



    It was early Sunday at 3 am.  The orgy lasted for about two hours, they started late around 1 am.  We were about two blocks away, doing a stakeout on the place.  I’m thinking that by now they were tired and there weren’t going to be more people coming.  During our stakeout we saw about 12 more men entering in the place, which made it about 16 total.  I suspected that I will need around four men to put those dick-sucking faggots in their place, which is about two metres deep.

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